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This is my very first time writing this journal entry about racism. I've been encountered through racism twice yesterday. As you guys might not know, I'm Asian American.

I remember that I was working at department store looking at the binder behind the cash register for the schedules. One of my coworker who's also looking at the binder learned my first and last name(we haven't met). Since my last name is Chinese, she asked, "Are you Chinese? Where are you from?" I replied, "What?!" which sounds like I'm offended. She repeated her question again(I think) and I replied, "Here." But then she asked, "Well where's your parents from?" I replied, "Does it matter?" I don't think anyone heard about it since it's between me and her. I didn't answer her question because I don't want to. I answered her question but she refused to take it. I wasn't happy about it.

On the same day after I got out of work, I walked past the old man with the large beard. He shouted "Ni hao!" to me. I was really offended ,replied, "Are you serious?", and then walked away. I feel like the old man said it just for fun which it really wasn't(or maybe he was drunk IDK). This wasn't my first time having people shouting "Ni hao" to me. I have people doing it last year when I was working at the Chinese summer program. We were at the field trip walking and there's people shouting that to us. I wasn't happy about it, it really makes me wanna strangle them(I tend to be violent but not literally and not all of the time so don't worry about it).

You can call me crazy or whatever but I'm here to say, racism is still alive. I hate it when people say that we have to get over it. That's not the solution. I have people asking me if I speak English which I obviously do. Can I get over it? No! I don't wanna be treated as a stereotypical Asian. I wanted to be treated as a normal human like everybody else! I'm sorry that I was ranting about racism on my journal. It's just racism is really aggravating and I can't deal with it.
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Hey this is masaki-jamie! I just moved here to start a new life there! 8D I'm a little shy but don't worry, I won't bite.....or maybe I will. Also I can be really rude so be careful. I'm in college so I'm currently busy right now since school is more important than drawing. Just a little heads up, this profile is very mature. There will be swearing, violence, something sexual, etc. If you're uncomfortable in there, I suggest you click the back button. :|

I'm Chinese American if you wanna know about my nationality. I love to draw. Drawing is my hobby (including shopping because I love to shop)!!! I'm an Otaku as you can tell. I love my OTPs which are Sasuhina(SasukexHinata) and Tezufuji(TezukaxFuji). BTW, my grammar suckass! DX

:ACIII: wolf Connor Pixel dolly by PrinceOfRedroses


Ultimate WIP and Sketch Dump by MasakiJamie
Ultimate WIP and Sketch Dump
These are all my sketches and WIPs while in college. One of them is REALLY OLD!

1. My part of Art Trade for :iconsukieyo:
2. Elise from Assassin's Creed Unity
3. My SasuHina baby, Hijikata Uchiha!
4. Katniss
6. NaruSaku(Too bad it's not canon >_< I HATE YOU KISHI)
7. Haytham kissing Ziio (with Charles Lee and his broken heart LOL)
8. Concept Art of Time Skip Cyber
9. Semirealistic Cyber
10. Two new OCs for my new story(they're in the same setting where Cyber is, they have their own)
11. New OC allies for my new story

Some characters belong to the owners. Too lazy to credit them!
Can't Play ACU by MasakiJamie
Can't Play ACU
So I was installing the new game that I bought on Black Friday at the original price(it's not on Black Friday Sale) and it turns out that I can't play the game because my computer doesn't meet the requirements in order to play the game! DX I wasted over 60 BUCKS with my debit card to play that game but I can't because of my motherfucking computer. GODDAMMIT! I can't see Arno and Elise. >_< I don't think I could return it since I've already use the activation code. :|

Assassins Creed Unity©Ubisoft

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